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Fee Fie Foe Firm editorial policy.

General search

Our policy is to include all law firm websites in our search engine, regardless of their size or form. We include sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, incorporated legal practices, multi-national firms, large national firms, medium-sized firms, small firms, boutique practices and barristers chambers. The aim is to provide users with the broadest search of law firms possible in order to provide users with the widest choice possible.

Our editors have so far added thousands of law firm websites from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and South Africa, with more jurisdictions to be added soon. However, it is a constant work in progress, so if you've noticed that we've missed a firm, please let us know!

Refinement tags

In order to help users locate the most relevant resources faster, our editors add "refinement tags" to select website pages. These tags appear as a list of links at the top of the search results and offer users a way to narrow their search. When a user clicks a refinement tag the pages that have had that tag applied to them are given priority in the results.

Our current refinement tags are:

So far our editors have added refinement tags to our US, Australian and New Zealand searches. Refinement tags for our Canadian, UK, Irish, Singaporean and South African searches are coming soon!

Our policy is to add tags to pages and sites that our editors consider to be of a superior quality. They are designed to assist users to find the best legal resources fast. In making the decision to add refinement tags, our editors take into account the following considerations:

Please note that these considerations are guiding principles and not an objective set of criteria. Fee Fie Foe Firm retains full editorial authority to add or remove refinement tags. If you would like our editors to consider adding refinement tags to your website's pages, then please submit your site with details of the URL patterns for the relevant pages. For more information on URL patterns see here. We do not guarantee the addition of refinement tags to any website in our search engine.

All feedback on our refinement tags and our editorial policy is welcome.